Customer Feature: Misty Morning Farms Goes to Market

Misty Morning Market on Misty Morning Farm
Images courtesy of Scott Cooper, owner, Misty Morning Farms & Misty Morning Market
Misty Morning Farms in Edgefield County, SC recently gained distinction for hosting the 2018 Luke Bryan Farm Tour.  They also produce sought-after locally-raised grass-fed beef, sold currently only at local farmers markets in Aiken and Augusta.  However, buyers will soon be able to shop much more frequently.
Construction of Misty Morning Market is underway
Harbin Customer Blackston Custom Homes is currently constructing the new Misty Morning Market on the Misty Morning Farms premesis.  At the Market, buyers can buy the farm’s beef and other all-natural products.  
Misty Morning Market will sell grass-fed beef and other all-natural products
The Market will open to the public this fall.  
We can’t wait to see the finished Market and stock up on some goodies!
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