Harbin Door Debuts in CHS Musical

By Gary Davis, HR Manager

It all started with a statement coming out of left-field (but he’s my 17-year-old son, I have come to expect that).  “I told my drama teacher that you were going to get us a door from Harbin.”  And so began the a-door-able story of how Harbin Lumber Company became involved in an Off, Off, Off, Off-Broadway production of “Shrek:  The Musical.” 

I really wanted to help, since my son will soon graduate from Commerce and I am a recent graduate from there as well (1991 is recent-ish!).  I asked the Harbin Door Shop if they would donate a door unit for the drama department at CHS, and in no time at all, they had produced a door unit ready for use.  In order to get the door into a suitable frame for stage use, I requested help from another alum of Commerce High School,  GM of the Athens location Todd Lord (Class of 19. . . something.  I’ll let you ask him), and Athens team member James Brady.   

Mrs. Roye (CHS Drama Teacher) was ecstatic when she saw the finished product!  Sturdy, transformable, portable & ready to go!

CHS cast of “Shrek: The Musical”

The new door unit made its debut last week in the CHS production of “Shrek:  The Musical.”  The play was hilarious, and the door received rave reviews!

On behalf of the students, faculty and ogres of Commerce High School, THANK YOU!! I love working for a company that loves to get involved with our communities!  This effort was beyond everyone’s expectations!

Thank you card signed by the CHS cast members
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