Harbin Lumber’s Bond, James Bond

Russell Kozlosky as Daniel Craig
Russell Kozlosky as Daniel Craig

Athens team member Russell Kozlosky sells lumber, Harbin lumber.  But in his free time, he tours the world impersonating Daniel Craig, the most recent James Bond.  

A feature article on him appeared in Online Athens here.  An excerpt is below.


His name is Kozlosky. Russell Kozlosky.

And people think he looks like Daniel Craig, the actor currently inhabiting the long-running spy character from film and page, James Bond.

Kozlosky is a professional look-alike.

Since becoming a mimic of the 44-year-old actor following the release of the last Bond film “Quantum of Solace” in 2008, Kozlosky fills as much of his free time traveling the country impersonating the world’s most famous spy.

“I was a very busy father before this. I didn’t have time for movies,” he said, explaining why he had no clue who Daniel Craig was or even that the actor had become James Bond.

During the press run-up to the release of “Quantum of Solace” in 2008, strangers began approaching Kozlosky about his resemblance to the British actor.

“I was completely baffled,” he said. “I still don’t see the resemblance.”

After a brief Internet search, Kozlosky discovered a market for celebrity look-alike and quickly signed with an agent.

Paid appearances have included conventions in Atlanta, Miami, Orlando and Toledo, as well as a school function in San Diego. 

Wearing the tuxedo is the easy part, as Kozlosky regularly exercises. The accent, though, is a bit more difficult. Some of Kozlosky’s relatives hail from Scotland, but “the good thing is my character is relatively tight lipped,” he said.

Kozlosky is a little older than Craig, he said.

“So he looks like me, more than I look like him.”

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