The Good in Goodbye

Cody Green first joined Harbin Lumber of Athens when he was a student at Athens Technical College, working at the store part time to help work his way through school. Graduating with a degree in information technology, he considered the prospect of pursuing a career in his field, but enjoyed Harbin so much he instead chose to join the Athens store as an Inside Sales Representative. He has been with Harbin off and on for nearly 7 years, and has been very dedicated to his job.  But his dedication to his family is even more commendable.  Cody is very close to his grandfather, who lives in Texas and is embracing his post-retirement life.  Cody has decided to move to Texas in order to spend time with his elder.
We will miss you, Cody.  We wish you much joy with your grandfather, and all the best in your next chapter.
Cody Green
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