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Load Star®

Load Star, Harbin Lumber’s truss manufacturing division, has been producing quality roof and floor trusses since 1972. Our design staff, working with our advanced technological capabilities and skilled builders, allow us to tailor our products to the needs of our customers, providing you with a premium designed product. 

Engineered Wood

We also run our Engineered Wood Product (EWP) services through our truss plant. In partnership with our suppliers, we have created our own EWP cut-line, using our expertise in manufacturing processes, that allows us to manage our inventory, eliminate waste, control costs and service customers to meet their needs. Because we have our own EWP designs, we can lay the structure out efficiently for all users, which includes aligning and cutting holes for wiring, plumbing and more.

Plan Take-Off Estimates

As part of our unique “Comprehensive Project Design”, we also offer Plan Take Off Estimates, providing our customers with the information and design for their project up front. This allows our builders the ability to plan for their costs and meet their budget.

Our Products