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Load Star, our truss manufacturing division, has had two new upgrades completed over the last few weeks! Back in May, Load Star received a 2.65-acre paved addition that doubled the available storage space. With this new space, two lumber sheds were recently built to allow for a larger area for our lumber products. 



Each shed is 26′ x 200′ and can hold 50% more lumber than the old sheds along with providing more organization within our facility. The lumber sheds are positioned closer in proximity with the saw building to supply the saw operators the materials they need more efficiently.



Along with the exterior lumber sheds, the facility also received a new roof truss table in the interior space. The new truss table is a 112′ Mitek Roof Tracker III with MatchPoint Wizard PDS automated jigging.  The automated jigging dramatically reduces set up times, allowing for better overall efficiency.

We are looking forward to seeing how these new additions will excel our production output in 2021!