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If you could name an employee at Harbin Lumber that has done it all, Jimmy Smith is one of them. Though he is currently in the Design Department at Load Star, he has held many roles throughout Harbin Lumber Company over his tenure of almost 38 years including  Off Bearer, Truss Builder, Production Manager, Outside Salesman, and now Truss Designer, just to name a few.

COO Westley Harbin commented on Jimmy’s extensive time with Harbin Lumber stating, “The fact that Jimmy has been with us for as long as he has is a testament to his loyalty and dedication, especially when the average tenure for an employee today is less than 5 years in the US.” He goes on to say, “A company is only as good as the people that work there.  We are proud that Jimmy has been a part of the Harbin Lumber family for the last 38 years.”

Now going on about 15 years in the Truss Design sector of Load Star, Jimmy knows that every project is different. He is consistently working on quotes for customers completing up to 5-10 a day, which proves his strong work ethic built up over the years from his array of positions held.

The effort and attentiveness put into his work is seen by many, both within and outside of Harbin Lumber. “When it comes to the customers he designs for, he is one of the most loyal employees I’ve seen,” said Sales Manager Randy Wells. “It is not just a business transaction for him, it’s personal, and he takes a lot of pride in that. The customers know it and that’s why they love him.”

With any company that has been in business for over 100 years change is bound to come, but one thing that Jimmy noted has always stayed the same are the great people that are here. “Harbin Lumber and the employees here have always treated me well and given me many different opportunities,” says Jimmy.

Though Jimmy works hard during the week, his favorite pastime is to watch the Dawgs play in the Fall and getting in a few rounds of golf when he can. Jimmy has been a great asset and leader in every position, and the Harbin Lumber family is grateful for the many years he has had with us!