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If this year proves anything about the lumber industry, its that it is constantly changing. But this has been no challenge for Athens Outside Sales Coordinator, Ricky Smith. His previous experiences throughout different lumber industry businesses have built his extensive product knowledge. Ricky has aided in the development of new outside salesmen, providing them with great understanding of various product lines over the last 8 years.

Athens General Manager, Todd Lord, spoke highly of Ricky’s admirable qualities alluding to the fact that he is very customer-oriented and highly organized. “Ricky puts a great amount of effort into his day-to-day work, completing everything in an efficient manner,” says Todd. “He’s blunt and very honest but in doing so he cares greatly about the business and doing things right”.

Ricky’s favorite part of working with Harbin Lumber is getting to interact with different salesmen and customers each day. Though he takes his job seriously, he can be seen around the office providing humor to liven up the day and give his fellow employees a laugh or two.

Ricky enjoys catching up on baseball games and Nascar races and even spends his Saturdays go-cart racing (check out that throwback picture!). He and his wife, Debbie, are parents to two children and grandparents to four grandchildren. Oh, and you can’t forget about his dog, Boo!

We applaud you, Ricky, for having such a great outlook within your role and bringing so much to the table. Harbin Lumber Company appreciates the effort and time you have put in during your time here! Thank you for all you do.