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Customers of the Harbin Lumber Lavonia location may recognize this month’s Employee Spotlight, Travis, but some may not realize that he is a significant part of our system, holding the role of Operations and Shipping Manager. In just the four years he has been a part of the Lavonia store location, he has provided guidance to our inside sales associates and drivers, who he interacts with daily. You could say Travis is a jack of all trades, from working in the lumber industry for several years at different companies to previously owning his own Sears location in Cornelia.

Todd Irvin, Lavonia Harbin Lumber General Manager, has known Travis since they were kids and have worked together for a combined 14 years between three different companies, including Harbin Lumber. Todd gives tribute to Travis stating, “he is THE most dependable person you will ever find. He is extremely detail oriented and if he does something, I can guarantee you it is done right.”

An employee that has a great attitude daily proves that through their successes in the workplace. Todd Irvin also noted, along with several of Travis’s coworkers, that “Travis has taken the Lavonia store to another level regarding being able to get orders out.  He makes every customer and outside salesmen feel like a priority, going above and beyond to make them happy.  He is always thinking outside the box on ways to get things done.”

Though Travis has a calm demeanor, his sense of humor every now and then keeps the office lively. Travis noted that one of the best part of working at Harbin Lumber are the people and how great each of them are overall. When is he isn’t getting orders together at the store, you can find him camping at any time of the year with his wife and daughter. Travis has had great growth over the last four years with the company and we look forward to seeing his continued success in the future!