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This year, Harbin Lumber rolled out a new program to build more leaders in our company. The Management Trainee program gives participants the potential to become a General Manager at a company location after successful completion. These employees will receive hands on training with our current general managers and staff. They will learn everything from quoting orders, to understanding the process of deliveries and gaining management skills. Tim Bray, currently holding the Management Trainee position, is the first individual to be a part of this program. Recognizing his adaptability and eagerness to learn everything in the building materials industry are just a few reasons why he is the August Employee Spotlight!

Tim has had experience in several fields. Before coming to Harbin, he was a Project Manager at a commercial construction company. His original background is in welding and fabrication. He even explored the teaching route at North Georgia Technical College before moving into the commercial construction industry.

Tim’s time at Harbin has been greatly received by Todd Lord, General Manager of Harbin Lumber in Athens. Todd mentions Tim’s work ethic and great attitude attribute to the servant’s heart that has clearly been instilled in him. “He is one of those people who, after working in Athens for just a few days, seemed like he had been with us for years.  He just fit right in so to speak.”

Tim has already experienced many areas of the Harbin Lumber operations. He has worked in the warehouse at our Lavonia and Athens location and had the opportunity to shadow our Reload Facility employees on the logistics of our materials. Now he is currently working with the Lavonia Inside Sales team assisting customers with quotes and orders.

During his time at the Lavonia Harbin Lumber, he has gained knowledge from general manager, Todd Irvin. Todd complimented Tim saying, “he has taken the process very seriously and is constantly contributing new ways of doing things in every department.  I expect him to be great at whatever position he decides to pursue here”.

Though Tim has had experience in the previous construction industry, he has really enjoyed helping customers purchase the materials. He compliments the Harbin employees he’s had the opportunity to work with stating, “everyone is friendly, and willing to help with any questions I have had. The people I have worked with so far have also made a huge impact on my time here”.

When he has some spare free time, he really enjoys hunting, fishing, and even building furniture. Tim stays quite busy outside of work, especially now that he has two boys with his wife; one that made his entrance into the world just last month! We are looking forward to seeing what you accomplish through this management trainee role, Tim. We know that you will be incredibly successful on the Harbin Lumber team!

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