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Community service and support is an important factor that helps our cities and towns thrive. According to the Non-Profit Source, “63 million Americans volunteer their time and talents to making a difference” in their communites. That is about 25% of the adult population in the US.

This volunteer service is seen in many of the communities our Harbin Lumber locations are currently in. One specifically has created opportunities for the citizens of Franklin County and the surrounding areas. The Franklin County Rotary Club works with the Rotary International to promote integrity and goodwill within the area. This chapter has participated in community projects such as appreciation meals for local first responders and meeting with State Representatives to stay informed on policy updates.

Not only are we recognizing the Franklin County Rotary Club for these efforts, but we would also like to recognize the club for their commitment to building wheelchair accessible ramps for people in the Franklin County communities. Over the last few years, the Harbin Family Foundation has donated materials to help build these ramps. The club has built around 20 ramps every year, totaling close to 450 in the entire area. We look forward to continuing to support the club in their efforts of building these ramps as well as building up the community.


To say up to date on the Franklin County Rotary Club and how you can become involved in their community service projects, check out their Facebook page.


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