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NEGA Animal Shelter Donation

Harbin Lumber Company is proud to announce its partnership with the Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter in their newest endeavor of building a new facility. This project is made possible through generous donations from the community and Harbin with the commitment to making a difference in the lives of animals in need. With the intentions for the official grand opening to release the first of 2024, The NEGA shelter is striving to kick off the new year with a new home for their pups. In addition of the support from the local volunteers in the community as well,  this new building will provide a safe and comfortable space for animals while they await adoption.

History of the shelter and plan for expansion:

“A group of concerned citizens who cared deeply about animals and the quality of life in our communities started fundraising in the late 1980’s or early 1990’s for the purpose of building a much-needed animal shelter. They formed a 501c3 non-profit corporation called Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter, Inc. and worked for years holding fundraisers, selling calendars, gathering donations, etc. Originally, the shelter was envisioned to serve four counties (Franklin, Hart, Elbert, and Madison) and to be supported by them once construction was completed. It took a long time to raise enough funds to build, and Madison and Elbert Counties made other arrangements meanwhile, leaving Franklin and Hart Counties to support the shelter’s annual operation costs. The two counties felt they could not meet that commitment alone, so, with the building equipped and almost ready to open in 1998, its future was in question. The cities of Franklin and Hart counties understood the need for an animal shelter and stepped up, asking to be included as supporting jurisdictions. That’s how we came to be supported by 9 separate jurisdictions, each paying annually an amount based on their average proportion of usage of shelter services, as applied to the actual cost of shelter operations.

This system has generally worked very well over the years. The buildings, major equipment purchases, costs of rescue efforts, and community service programs continue to be covered by private funds (ongoing fundraising efforts, grants, donations, bequests, etc.) while the daily costs of operating the shelter are mostly covered by allocations received from our 9 jurisdictions. Our newest addition, the much-needed Adoption Center, is being constructed and equipped entirely with such privately raised funds. When it is completed, it will enable us to improve our service to our communities and to the many animals in our care. We will be able to separate those determined to be healthy and ready to be adopted from the strays and others recently brought in who are still being evaluated and/or being held for owners to have a chance to reclaim them. The Adoption Center will have indoor, climate-controlled runs without bars or wire fencing. (They will have outdoor exercise/play time each day, of course!) Since all the animals in the new building would be available and can be seen in an environment much more conducive to choosing a new pet, we hope to see an increase in adoptions, too!
Thank you and all the wonderful folks at Harbin’s – both in the various divisions and the foundation – for all your support and encouragement as we go through this major building process. Knowing we have support from so many of our community members keeps us going as we strive to serve our citizens (and animals) better!” – Pam Stone, B.O.D. chair.

Over the years, the North East Georgia Animal Shelter has grown and evolved. With support from the local community as well as the dedicated team members and volunteers that help keep this organization going daily, it is crucial that everyone works together. We are excited to be a part of this important project and look forward to the positive impact it will have on the community. Thank you Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter for the difference you make in our community!

Shelter Director:
Tammie Jourdanais

Board of Directors:
Pam Stone, DVM (Chair)
John McGarity
Doris Cato, DVM
Cherry Reeve
Gay Little
Michelle Branton
Jennifer Roy

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