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January Employee Spotlight – Bobbie (ROCK) Isaiah

Every driver with Harbin Lumber holds an essential role to make sure that all orders are taken care of and delivered properly regardless the challenges that they may face. At HLC we are thankful for all drivers who make our day-to-day operations possible. To start the new year off we want to recognize one of our drivers, Bobbie Isaiah, or as we like to call him Rock.

Rock has been apart of the Harbin family since 2001 driving numerous loads all over with the Loadstar Truss Facility. His most recent accomplishment was hitting the 2,000,000 mile mark this past December adding his longest trip under his belt up to the West Virginia mountains! Rock said he likes that every day is different and a challenge. Whether it may be the size or length of the load, where he delivers or who he will get to meet, there is no day that is the same. “Most people would quit but I love the challenge and want to do what pushes me. Even after 20 years I am still learning new things with each trip.” – Rock

Daulton Smith, Load Star shipping manager spoke on Rock’s commitment to his job saying “Rock is the standard of what every driver should strive for. Time after time he goes above and beyond to do whatever it takes to get the job done. He never lets a situation get the best of him, and always has the patience to solve whatever problem is thrown his way. He is someone I can always depend on, and I’m glad I get to work with him.”  Julie Mattox, Loadstar EWP & Truss designer says ” He is a man of many morals and integrity. Taking pride in his job, life and family. Through the years, his family and my family have become personal friends and we consider him to be one of the best people we know (inside character).”

When he’s not on the road, Rock is spending time with his family and loving on his grandkids. He also loves to get away on his motorcycle and go riding with his wife, Mary, to different bike rally’s and events. Rock owns a Barbershop and not only cuts hair but is there to support his customers and works directly with customers who have disabilities.

Rock, we appreciate all that you have done and we look forward to watching your continued success in the future! You fully deserve this month’s employee spotlight recognition.

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