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Hector Pinto-Cordova

Shipping Manager

Athens Lumber Yard


Hector Pinto-Cordova, the Shipping Manager at the Athens Lumber Yard, is the distinguished January STAR Employee of the month. With almost 7 years of dedicated service to Harbin, Hector’s expertise in the field of driving is deeply rooted. Since obtaining his CDL’s in 2005, he has had a natural inclination and passion for being behind the wheel. Prior to joining Harbin, he successfully managed a trucking company for 7 years, demonstrating his astute knowledge of logistics.

Driving brings Hector relaxation and helps alleviate his stress. It is a profession that allows him to see new places and constantly be on the move. His extensive experience as a driver has proven to be invaluable in his role as the shipping manager. Hector effectively coordinates loads for delivery, ensuring efficiency and promptness. Understanding what it’s like to be behind the wheel, he empathizes with the drivers and strives to make their job easier. Although his daily duties may vary, he always ensures to arrive at the store at 5:00AM to open and help get drivers out early to beat the traffic on those longer deliveries. His goal is to make sure all of his guys are safe and also are able to get home at a decent time to be with their families.

“ I like the challenge and for everyday to be different.”- Hector

One of the reasons Hector thoroughly enjoys working for Harbin is the sense of camaraderie and family-like atmosphere. He appreciates that the company values employees as more than just numbers. Hector believes that the support and solidarity among colleagues are essential in creating a conducive work environment. He is thankful for the incredible team he collaborates with, emphasizing that their unwavering support makes his job even more rewarding.

“ I began working with Mike Long in 2005 and it has been a true honor to work a long his side. I admire his work ethic and proud to work next to him. Also, I am thankful for Todd Lord and how he handles any situation. He is a great leader of our branch. We are all a family at the Athens Lumber Yard. When someone is sick or needs help, we all will pitch in to cover that spot.” – Hector

” Hector Pinto is the perfect example of the Harbin STAR employee. He has worked at Harbin Lumber Company’s Athens Lumberyard for almost 7 years, first as a Class A Driver for 4 years, then as Assistant Shipping Manager for 2 years, and as Shipping Manager for the past 7 months.

S – Hector always has a very pleasant demeanor and smiles, actually it’s more of a shy grin, a lot as he goes through his day.

T – Hector is always teaching others about our business, whether it’s related to products that we sell or the delivery/trucking aspect of our business that we are very reliant on. His years of experience in the building supply industry and his time when he owned his own trucking company have provided him with lots of first hand knowledge of how to plan accordingly and solve problems when needed.

A – All In may be the trait that Hector possesses that is most noticeable to those around him. He is always working to take care of our customers with their material delivery needs as well as to take care of the drivers who work for him and the other members of the Athens Lumberyard as well as other locations when needed. He opens up our location early every day, sometimes before 5:00 am, and often times I have encourage him to leave and go home to his family late in the day.

R – Hector displays loving thy neighbor as thy self, as James 2:8 describes, in his daily work. He genuinely cares about everyone around him and will do anything reasonable to help them whether it relates to work or personally. A while back, I had gone to a Dr. visit a couple of miles from the Athens Lumberyard and my truck would not crank when I tried to leave the Dr.’s office to come back to work. Hector went back with me to where my truck was and spent the time necessary to get my truck running again when he did not have to do that at all. I am very thankful for all of the things like this that Hector does for me and others.

“At the end of the day, we are very blessed to have Hector working for Harbin Lumber Company and his efforts are very instrumental in our ability to serve our customers and the growth we have seen in recent years. Also, it should be noted that we have a couple of small step ladders in the shipping office that Hector uses to reach the top 2 rows of clipboards on the shipping office wall. Yes, he is a little vertically challenged, but we wouldn’t trade him for someone 7 feet tall!!!!!! ” – Todd Lord, General Manager of Athens Lumber Yard

When Hector is not dedicated to his work, he cherishes spending quality time with his family. He has been happily married to his high school sweetheart, Marea Elena, and together they have three beautiful children aged 18, 15, and 13. Hector firmly believes that family is everything and acknowledges the steadfast support he receives from his wife throughout his career.

In conclusion, Hector’s dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to the Athens Lumber Yard and Harbin make him an exceptional STAR Employee. His combined experience as a driver and shipping manager allows him to excel in coordinating efficient deliveries. Furthermore, his genuine gratitude for his colleagues and love for his family radiate through his work. Harbin is truly privileged to have Hector as part of its team, and his contributions are greatly appreciated.

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