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Julie Fields

Inside Sales

Eatonton Lumber Yard

Congratulations to our S.T.A.R. employee for the month of February, Julie Fields! Julie is the Inside Sales Coordinator and Safety Lead at the Eatonton Lumber Yard, representing Harbin Lumber Company with unwavering dedication for over three and a half years. Prior to her time with Harbin, Julie was an asst. Pre-K teacher at Putnam County Primary school for over 6 years. This goes without saying, her patience, attention to details and bubbly personality are just a few things that make her a S.T.A.R! As she looked to start a new adventure and turn a new leaf in her career, with her children moving up in school, she was ready to take that leap of faith. Sandy Lea, (ISS at Eatonton and former Putnam County school teacher), encouraged Julie to put in an application at HLC and the rest is history! We are so thankful for amazing referrals like this, we have STARS in our midst!

What sets Julie Fields apart is not solely her drive and work ethic, but her ability to bring joy and positivity to even the most challenging situations. Her bubbly personality is a breath of fresh air within our workplace, creating an atmosphere where everyone feels uplifted and motivated. She effortlessly excels at creating meaningful connections with both colleagues and customers, leaving a lasting impression and building trust through genuine interactions.

“Julie began in September 2020 working as an ISS employee. She has added on several different job duties since that time. OSS processing, safety leadership and inside sales. We’re very happy and fortunate to have Julie here in Eatonton! We really appreciate what she does here for our location!” – Jody Page, Eatonton Lumber Yard

Julie’s passion and infectious energy have proven to be truly irreplaceable. She consistently goes above and beyond her duties, ensuring that our team operates seamlessly, and customers receive exceptional service. Her commitment to continuously learning and striving for more is evident in the outstanding results she consistently delivers.

“One of my favorite things about my job is that I am always learning something new making everyday different.” – Julie

Beyond her remarkable work ethic, Julie has also taken on the role of Safety Lead, fiercely advocating for the well-being of our team. She ensures that our workplace is a safe and secure environment, implementing protocols, and conducting regular training sessions to promote a culture of safety. Julie’s dedication to keeping our team protected and her emphasis on maintaining high standards in health and safety are highly commendable.

“ I am extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Julie! As the Safety Lead for Eatonton, she does the monthly safety audit, blitz audits, camera audits, educates new employees by going through New Hire training, responds to speeding hits, posts a safety thought for the day, etc. From a safety standpoint, I very much appreciate her attitude and willingness to make things happen. Julie is a great example of a STAR employee as well as how she is a Safety S.T.A.R. (Safe Work Habits Training Awareness Responsibility) for Harbin!” – Shelley Coles, Safety Director

Julie is happily married to her husband of 28 years, Jimmy and together they have 2 children, Hunter (19) and Holly (15) and their family dog, Millie. In her free time, Julie enjoys reading a good book, visiting the beach (which is also where she is from!), cooking delicious meals and spending time by the pool with her family and friends.

Julie, we thank you for embodying the spirit of Harbin Lumber Company and continuously setting the bar high for professionalism, dedication, and enthusiasm. Your contributions have not gone unnoticed. Please know that your HLC family appreciates your hard work and commendable attitude. May her example inspire us all to reach for the stars and continue to learn and grow, both as individuals and as a team!

Favorite Quote: “It is what it is.” Julie’s outlook on this is, you cannot change the outcome, but it is all about your perception and attitude moving forward.

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