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By Gary Davis

Josh Nunns is what is known as a straight shooter!  Yes, he’s a good guy and you can take him at his word, but he can also shoot straight!  Josh works in Lavonia in our Installed Sales division as a part-time installer.  The other part of his time is taken up with being a student at Emmanuel College.  While his parents will be quick to point out that his education is the most important thing for him to take care of while he is there, Josh is also involved in another fun aspect of college life.  He is on Emmanuel College’s archery team; and based on the results of his recent finishes in tournaments, he has been doing his homework!

Most recently, Josh participated in the USAA National Indoor Championships in Suwanee, GA.  While there were many colleges represented there from multiple divisions (i.e – Michigan State had a team there), this was just one of 13 tournaments being held around the country to determine the best of the best in the college ranks.  Out of the hundreds and hundreds of competitors at these events, Josh finished 1st in Suwanee and earned a national ranking of #24!

And that 1st place finish & national rank of #24 is not his proudest moment!  Josh said he was even more proud when he competed in the Lancaster Archery Classic tournament in Lancaster, PA in January.  He wasn’t just competing against other college archers, he was also competing against semi-pro archers.  Out of the hundreds attending this event, he finished in 6th place.  One more amazing thing is that he is just a sophomore!

Please help me congratulate Robin Hood, I mean Josh, on his accomplishments!  Of course, I also ask that you not take it too far.  I better not hear of anyone asking him to shoot an apple off their head or anything that might cause me to fill out any paperwork!