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Harbin Lumber Company is in its one hundred third year and fourth generation of family ownership.  So family has always been the foundation of our company.  In fact, relationships run so deep here, employees are often quoted as saying their coworkers feel more like family than just colleagues.  But in many cases throughout the Harbin locations, employees are quite literally family as well as coworkers.

Harbin employs seventeen separate sets of family members.

Harbin Lumber President and COO Westley Harbin frequently crosses paths with his cousin, Jeremy Harbin, at Load Star, Harbin’s truss manufacturing plant.

CEO Chris Moon is able to talk business with his son, Kirby Moon, who works at the Athens lumber yard.  Chris’ nephew and Kirby’s cousin Conner Irvin works at Load Star during breaks from college.

Chris and Kirby



HR Manager Gary Davis and his son, Jeremy, run into each other when Jeremy works at the Athens lumber yard on his breaks from being a full time college student.

Credit Manager Kelly Roper and her husband Ryan Roper, GM of the Reload facility, do not work directly together but still can talk shop after work.

The North Augusta lumber yard has several family pairs.  Spouses David and Vanessa Fields work together in Outside Sales and Inside Sales.

Joe Adams brings in sales for the North Augusta location, which is under the management of his son, JP Adams.

Larry Dean manages the shipping at the North Augusta store, where his son, Bailen, also works.

The Lavonia lumber yard also has family connections.  Junior Pless along with sons Cody and Austin help keep things running smoothly in the yard.

Lavonia-based Outside Salesman Bucky Lee enjoys a working bond with his son, Jackson.

Harbin Lumber’s truss manufacturing plant, Load Star, is a big team of family.

Gerardo Castillo and Alex Martinez are brothers who work side by side at Load Star.

Brothers Jose Acosto and Gustavo Olacio enjoy working together while keeping an eye out for their nephew, Giovani Baez.

Steve Mitchell enjoys a close working relationship with his son, Steven.

Cousins Ken Brown and Cam Brown enjoy their family connection while they work.

Other Load Star team members who double as family include brothers Josh Washburn and Dalton Pruitt.

Brothers Randy and Greg Stone have worked together for more than 20 years!



Blake Moseley and his Uncle Danny Watts make a good team both on and off duty.

Finally, at the Athens lumber yard, father and son team Zack Barnes and Zack Barnes, Jr. enjoy sharing their work lives with cousin Patrelle Pattman.

With this many relatives working together, our “work family” truly is like family.  We wouldn’t have it any other way.