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Not many individuals can say that they have been a part of the same company for 25 years, but Load Star Truss Designer Julie Mattox is able to. But Julie has not held just one position during those 25 years, rather she has accomplished so much more in several different roles than anyone could in holding one singular position.

Before joining Harbin 25 years ago, Julie worked at T&S Mills installing and operating on machinery as well as worked some in human resources, training other employees. Like that position, she has played many roles within the Harbin Lumber Company family of businesses. She first started with off-bearing for the saw at Load Star and later running the unipoint saw. About a year and a half later, she moved into the office where she ran the front desk, started purchasing lumber and training in design. She even dabbled some in the credit department at the Central Office in Lavonia, GA. Julie also had a stint in outside sales but eventually made her way back to Load Star. Her experience within the office, production, and even running shipping has given her a great overall view of how the facility can stay successful in its efficiency.

Julie’s current title at Load Star is EWP & Truss Designer but her day-to-day tasks consist of many aspects like designing, invoicing, purchasing inventory, and most other office functions that one can imagine. Though her days are busy and full of different types of tasks, Julie explained that she “enjoys being a very integral part of the office and having the background and experience to coordinate the various functions to keep things running as smoothly as possible”. She continued by saying, “being able to rely on myself and having control over several key points brings some stress, but that is where I shine.”

Anyone who has worked with Julie over the years has gotten to know her on a professional and personal level including Donna Smith, Administrative Assistant at Load Star. Donna complimented Julie greatly by saying, “she is a real go getter and very loyal to this company. Julie has a strong spirited personality and always wear a smile. It’s my honor to call her a friend”. Randall LeCroy, who works alongside Julie, noted Julie’s dedication each day by stating, “Julie takes on many roles throughout any given day.  At any time, she could be managing incoming quotes, designing trusses, ordering hangers, and adjusting beams and I-joist inventories. It takes a special person to be able to juggle all that she does”.

Julie noted that she genuinely enjoys working and likes to stay productive at work and home as much as possible, but in her off time she can be found working in her yard and sometimes being able to sit on her porch taking some time to relax.

Julie has proved herself to be an extremely successful and integral part of the Harbin Lumber team and we are thankful that she has decided to spend her career within the company! It has truly been inspiring to watch her accomplishments over the years and we are looking forward to seeing what else she will be able to achieve in the future.

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