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The Harbin Door Shop is making strides after receiving a new system giving the ability to build bigger doors!

The new Full-House Hanger Exterior Door Assembly Table is a machine that has the capability to build 8-foot exterior doors, something that the previous machine in the shop was not able to do.  The machine includes a Loader and Hanger and allows for greater workstation space creating more production efficiency. The Hanger system of the machine takes the heavy lifting out of the operation reducing the potential for injuries. Once a door is built, it is tilted up to a vertical position allowing for easy maneuvering to a pallet or inventory shelf. Overall, this will allow operators to have quicker production times, assembling doors in under 5 minutes.

General Manager of the Harbin Door Shop, Eddie Wester, gave some of his perspective on the new machine. “Any time you get a new machine there is going to be excitement about it. This machine gives us the opportunity to bring some 8/0 slabs into inventory. Our team is all together on being able to grow and this will help in doing that. This also gives our lumberyards the ability to stay in house with these exterior orders and make the company more successful in sales. I think everyone in the plant also looks at it as a reward for all their hard work.”

Not only is the exterior door machine going to amp up production, but the Door Shop is also creating more space for the needed inventory, allowing for doors to be more accessible when needed. Because of this new space, a new Linde stand-up forklift was added to the Door Shop to help navigate narrow aisles and lift newly assembled doors onto higher shelving – something that a traditional forklift does not have the capability of doing.

These new additions will really help the Harbin Door Shop in all aspects, and we are looking forward to seeing the employees and the production of materials thrive exponentially!