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Randy Shiflet

Randy Shiflet is the kind of employee who if you could clone, you’d have as many as you could get.  He first worked for Harbin’s truss plant, then called Harbin Homes, as a summer job when he was in high school.  In 1983, he came back to Harbin Homes building trusses, where he worked for 5 years.  He then moved to the Door Shop, first as a delivery truck driver, then on to the production team building doors.  There he found his calling, and has been building doors ever since. His total time working with Harbin Lumber is approaching 37 years.

“Randy is the epitome of what loyalty is,” said Eddie Wester, General Manager of the Door Shop. “He started with Harbin Lumber Company, and he plans to finish his career with Harbin Lumber Company.  Through all the ups, downs, and slowdowns, he never went and looked for something else.  He has always stayed true to Harbin.”

For Randy, his work is his passion.  Building things and working with wood is his favorite hobby, along with hunting, fishing, and spending time with family.  He is a proud father of two daughters and a son, and a grandfather to three wonderful grandkids.  He also enjoys the company of his black labrador retriever, Jake.

“Randy is a quiet leader,” said Wester.  “He’s not going to be very vocal, but the way he conducts himself, the way he keeps his work station always neat and clean, the way he cleans up after himself everywhere, the younger team members watch him and follow his lead.”

“Randy has been a very valued employee,” said Barron Harbin, former CEO, who is now retired.  “He’s a humble person who has a slow, steady nature about himself – whatever he does he does well and he does right.  Randy has truly been a blessing.”

His General Manager is also complimentary of Randy’s work ethic. “There is absolutely nothing he can’t do in the back,” said Wester. “I’m not just talking about the woodworking.  If the machines tear up, he can usually fix them.  He’s just an irreplaceable asset to the team.”

“He’s doing what he loves and it shows,” said coworker Shelly Walters. “I can always count on him to have an answer for me. He’s just a pleasure to work with.”

He certainly is.  Thank you for your incredible loyalty and commitment, Randy.  We are so blessed and thankful to have you on the team.