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Some of the largest Customer accounts at Harbin Lumber are handled internally by Lavonia’s Valerie Osborne.  Valerie is the model of the STAR principle ‘Royal Law.’ Even though she processes quotes and customer orders for some of our highest volume Customers, she treats every internal and external Customer as if they are her only one, working with precision and exhibiting excellent Customer care.  She has developed such deep relationships with our Customers that many have her cell phone number, and they’ll call her directly.  In addition to that, she also handles all of the internal processing of our turn key projects, which is a hugely complicated process.
“She’s been doing this so long, she often can read the minds of the Harbin salesperson that she deals with, often times picking up on things that they either forgot to tell her, or they left off – and she’ll call to remind the salesperson of that, or verify the information given.  This is a huge, almost irreplaceable trait of an excellent inside salesperson;  one that is “watching the back” of the outside salesperson and the customer,” said Randy Wells, Sales Manager.  “For me personally, she handles 99% of everything I do, and frankly, I would be dead in the water without her.  She knows what I’m thinking, she knows how I like to do things and how my mind works, and she adapts to that.  I trust her, and I know that when I give her something, it’s going to be taken care of, and I don’t have to worry anymore.”
Before joining Harbin 17 years ago, Valerie spent 8 years in human resources for AutoZone Distribution.  When she first came to Harbin, she worked for the mill work shop, then moved to Harbin’s installed department and finally 10 years ago joined the Lavonia lumber yard.
“I like the relationships I have built with our Customers over the years, ” Valerie said. “No day is ever the same. Even though I have been doing this a long time I still learn new things daily.”
Valerie has a daughter, Jessica, who has blessed her with a 10 year old grandson, Landon.  Her youngest is Michael, who is about to begin his first year at college.
“Working for Harbin has been a great thing for me,” said Valerie.  “Harbin is very family-oriented and to me that has been a blessing. Putting family first was always something Barron Harbin talked with me about and that has stuck with me through the years.”
We’re so glad that the desire to work with Harbin has also stuck with you through the years, Valerie.  Thank you for all you do…you are appreciated!