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For the month of November as we reflect on our gratitude, we have a lot to be thankful for at Harbin Lumber Company. In fact, we have 316 reasons to be thankful. That is for each employee that is a part of the Harbin family. Without the makeup of our amazing team, we would not be where we are today. Every individual is a STAR on our HLC Team which is why we take pride in recognizing them! This month’s STAR Employee nomination goes to Wesley Hubbard, Install Sales Specialist of the Lavonia Lumber Yard.

Wes will be celebrating 19 years this month for his time with Harbin after starting in 2003. He has always had a vast knowledge from years prior to working in this industry. Before his time here, he worked for Spags Cabinet shop located in Royston, Ga for 2 years. With previous experience in construction before that time. You could say it was fate that Wes joined the HLC team back in 2003. When he was working for Spags, he wasn’t really looking for a new job but soon realized he wanted more opportunity to grow in a career. Luckily for us he applied to Harbin and the rest is history. Wes said,” At the time I didn’t even know Harbin sold cabinets, and when they were hiring, it was for a position in the insulation department. Rick Hamilton, General manager in Royston at the time, hired me and soon I learned cabinet design from Tom Hewson and Donnie Davis.”  Wes grew with the department from the very beginning, seeing “the good, the bad, and the ugly, turn into something GREAT!”.

At the time, Install Sales division was located at the Royston branch. This division had separations of main categories: insulation dept., fireplace dept., garage door dept., shelving and locks dept., cabinet dept., etc. Wes distinctly remembers when the downfall of the economy happened in 2008 and everyone had to fill in where they could. Times were very hard then and he became a leader of all the install departments. The install division moved from Royston to Lavonia, being a 2-man job of Wes and the installer at the time, Stanley Segars.

“It is so rewarding seeing the growth of this department, going from two men and a truck to now holding 8 in house installers, 5 subcontractors, 2 drivers, Jarrett and Jason (Inside sales support) and a warehouse manager. “As a whole, we make a really good team! Having Jason and Jarrett on staff have been a huge help. Its incredible to have Jarrett’s knowledge and experience in cabinet design, and his attention to detial. You also couldn’t ask for a better teammate than Jason with all the coordinating that he does to make sure the installers have what they need and the contractors are taken care of. Also, having Todd as a manager and his support is like no other. If we need something, he helps us get it no questions asked.” – Wes


Wes said that one of his favorite parts of his job is meeting with the different homeowners, and helping them along with their installed needs. “I enjoy seeing the final product and hopefully meeting and exceeding their expectations. The Installed Department has allowed me to tap into my creative side. No one project is the same, and is a daily challenge which I enjoy. I appreciate my time here at Harbin. They have allowed me to have a good career here and I enjoy what I do.” – Wes


Wes is married to his beautiful wife Kristi celebrating 22 years of marriage. They have 4 children, Logan (8), Brooke (14), Abby (17), Kyle (19) and a cat named Choncho. “I don’t have too much free time as my kids take up the majority of it. Brooke and Abby play club volleyball which is just about a year round sport. Kyle, my oldest son will be graduating from the Marine’s boot camp in Parris Island S.C. on the 10th of November. Logan, my youngest is a handful and involved in sports as well.” – Wes

On behalf of everyone from HLC, Thank you Wes for always going above and beyond being 100% ALL IN! You are such a valuable team member and always putting others first. We are truly grateful for you and the many attributes you are to this team!

Our cabinet division would not exist without Wes Hubbard. He is the lynch pin that holds it all together for us. Wes Hubbard’s years of experience and way with customers add a dynamic to our installed services that we depend on. I’ve learned a lot from Wes in my time here. He is a great employee and friend.

Todd IrvinGeneral Manager of Lavonia Lumber Yard

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