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OSS Representative

Athens Lumber Yard

At this time we are proud to announce our 2022 October STAR Employee, Steve England! Steve is an Outside Sales rep for the Athens Lumber Yard location and has been a dedicated member of the HLC team for over 28 Years.  His tenure began the same time as the Athens Lumber Yard opened.

In 1987, as the foundation of the Athens Lumber Yard was being poured, Steve (working in the lumber industry for another company in the shipping department) decided to drop by out of curiosity to see what was developing at this location.  Not knowing at the time that this short conversation would only be the beginning of his bright future career with HLC! Two weeks later he was officially hired on as an Outside Sales Representative for Harbin Lumber Company. Over the last 28 years he has exceeded expectations and always treats customers with professionalism.  Steve is a true S.T.A.R to the HLC family possessing all the STAR qualities. You will always see him with a smile on his face, the ability to teach others as well as the ability to be taught, with an “All In” attitude and treating others the way you want to be treated.

“Steve England and Harbin Lumber Company's Athens Lumber Yard have been synonymous since the location opened in 1987. Steve's ability to relate to his customers and his "gift of gab" have served him and Harbin Lumber Company well for a long time. He is a lot of fun to be around and talk to and strives to take care of his customers with both their everyday building supply needs as well as the special projects and more complex quotes and orders that are sometimes required. Most people don't believe Steve is 70 years old when they first hear that fact and he has been blessed with good health and continues to be a blessing to Harbin Lumber Company in times when he could be enjoying retirement. Either that, or someone lied on his birth certificate!!!!!”

Todd LordGeneral Manager of Athens Lumber Yard

“I’ve known Steve for 23 years and I have always enjoyed working with him, but more importantly, I’ve always appreciated his friendship and support. As he’s getting on the backside of his career now, I’m so proud of the fact that he continues to push forward and still try to find new business for us. He cares as much about that today as he did when he first started out in sales, and I really appreciate that about him.”

Randy WellsSales Manager

Steve is very respected at HLC with his knowledge of the industry and dedication to the company. Briefly in 1989 he was asked to fill in as the general manager of the Athens location. Although he was honored for this opportunity, Steve always knew that he was not meant to sit behind a desk. His passion was the ability to work face to face with customers, be out on the job sites and meeting new people.

“With retirement quickly approaching, I enjoy what I do and getting out. Harbin is an excellent company to work for and is very family oriented, which is what I love most about them. I have had a lot of amazing opportunities being with Harbin and it has been a great ride. I have been very blessed with customers and all my support people. It takes a team of us to get the job done and completed. From drivers, sales, management and warehouse handlers, nothing can be done without the team working together.”

Steve England

Steve is married to his beautiful wife, Kellie of 36 years coming up this December 27th. Together they have 3 kids (twin boys and 1 daughter) and 3 Grandchildren; Samantha (16), Addison (6), and Grant (4). With God first, Family second and everything else after that, Steve enjoys spending his time with family and watching his grand kids grow up and play ball. He loves going on family trips together most of all. In his free time, he also enjoys playing golf and go deer hunting.


Steve, what a tremendous attribute you are to the HLC family! We are so thankful of your years of service with us and look forward to your continued bright future! Thank you for always going above and beyond what is expected!

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  • Anthony England says:

    I am blessed to call him dad but others see him as the great man he is. He strives to do his best in everything he does and knows that true integrity is what really matters. He treats his customers as friends which many have been for decades. I love you dad and I am so proud of you. Anthony

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