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National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

September 11th - 17th

“Nearly every aspect of daily life is made possible because a truck driver delivered the goods and resources people need. National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an important time for America to pay respect and thank all the professional truck drivers for their hard work and commitment in undertaking one of our economy's most demanding and important jobs. “


At Harbin Lumber Company, we are blessed to have 45 drivers on our team! These professional drivers are essential to our daily operations of keeping the company flowing. From distribution of materials to all of our Harbin locations, all the way to delivering completed orders to various jobs sites; our drivers hold a key role at Harbin Lumber Company.

At this time we want to recognize and thank all the special men and women listed below for their continued commitment to safety, customer service and delivering customers dreams.

We also want to recognize the drivers nominated to represent each location this week:

  • Athens: Daniel Nichols
  • Door Shop: Lamar Westmoreland
  • Eatonton: Tim Smith
  • Lavonia: Carson Buell
  • Load Star: Kent Huffman & Judy Knapp
  • North Augusta: Kyan Buchanan
  • Reload: Nick Kingery

Thank you!

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