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The month of November is all about being grateful for the people in our lives. Whether it is being grateful for our family, friends, or coworkers, it is a time to remember what we have to be thankful for. Our Athens lumberyard is full of great employees who show their appreciation to one another often, and one employee, in particular, deserves great recognition in this month’s Employee Spotlight – Daniel Nichols!

Daniel is a dependable employee who came to Harbin with great contracting knowledge and experience. Originally hired as a driver at the old Royston Lumberyard, Daniel drove a flatbed dump truck until that location closed. He then moved to the Lavonia Lumberyard for approximately 2 years before moving to the Athens Lumberyard. For the last 18 years, Daniel has upheld the responsibility of driving and delivering drywall for both the Athens and Lavonia yards. You could say he has seen it all over the last 25 years at many different Harbin Lumber locations!

Athens Lumberyard General Manager, Todd Lord, has seen Daniel’s grit and determination over the years. He complimented Daniel by saying, “Daniel is very conscientious about his work.  He always makes sure that the material he delivers is loaded properly so that it gets delivered in the best condition possible. He takes very good care of his truck and forklift”.

Daniel doesn’t just show his determination through his work daily, but also in his personal life. In November of 2013, Daniel had a motorcycle accident on his way to work that morning when a deer collided with him. Not many people are known to recover well after accidents like that, but Daniel beat the odds. Once returning to work in early 2014, he had recovered and took on his role again with strength. Todd commented on the accident adding, “I am convinced that many people would not have survived an accident like that, much less recover and be able to return to a normal life. It is a testament to Daniel’s faith in God, how he takes care of himself, and his grit and determination to get better and not let that situation overcome or define him.  He has continued to be an excellent example of the Harbin S.T.A.R. ever since”.

Daniel has always enjoyed his work but also enjoys taking spending time at church, playing golf or fishing. He has been married to his childhood sweetheart, Lori, for 38 years.

Daniel loves many things about his role, but he mentioned “the friendships you make with co-workers and customers is the best part. I enjoy being outdoors, driving a truck, and operating a piggy-back lift, especially when there are challenges to overcome at a job site”. Everyone that has gotten the opportunity to work with Daniel over the years has nothing but great things to say about his work ethic and character! We appreciate all that you have done with Harbin Lumber.

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