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Rick Hamilton

The Harbin Lumber team gathered for a luncheon yesterday to bid well wishes to Rick Hamilton, General Manager of the Harbin Door Shop, who is retiring.  Rick joined Harbin Lumber 17 years ago, managing the Installed Sales location in Royston, then the Lavonia lumber yard before moving to the Door Shop in 2010.

“One of the greatest measures of a good leader is what kind of team he assembles, and Rick built a great team,” said Chris Moon, Harbin Lumber CEO.  “We were still in the downturn when Rick took over the Door Shop and he was the absolute right person to come in during that tough time and manage us through the difficulties.  We wish him nothing but the best as he takes time to travel with his wife and enjoy the benefits of his many years of hard work.”

Rick followed up thanking his team for their outstanding work, and the greater Harbin team for all the support over the years. He remarked how Barron Harbin, who is retired, recently came to see him and brought some of Rick’s former employees who retired.  “To me, that speaks volumes about what kind of people the Harbin family are, and what an amazing leader Barron was, and continues to be,” he said.  “I couldn’t have asked for a better company to work for or a better team to work with.  Thank you all for everything you’ve done over the years, and thanks for this very thoughtful sendoff.”


Members from Harbin’s teams attended to wish Rick well with a cookout and great fellowship.  Our thanks to the Load Star team for taking the lead on the grilling and food prep.

All the best for an amazing retirement, Rick!  Your Harbin family wishes you well.