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Each designer at our Load Star truss facility brings something different to the table including creativity, discipline, and professionalism. Those are a few characteristics that led Randall Lecroy to joining the EWP and truss design team 27 years ago this month. Previously working for an irrigation company designing and installing systems on golf courses, Randall came to Load Star with new perspectives on design.

Many people have gotten to know Randall over his tenure with Load Star and his co-worker, Julie Mattox, has been working alongside him since the beginning. “I have worked with Randall for over 26 years now,” says Julie, “and throughout that time I found him to be a person with high morals, integrity, great work ethics and believe it or not, a great sense of humor. He has been and is a huge part of Load Star’s success and has given a lot of his own time to help the company grow.”

Julie also commented on his dedication to all things Randall does adding, “for me personally, he has spent a lot of time training me which opened many doors. He is very dedicated to his family and community service. I have a sincere deep respect for him as a person and it is an honor to know him as my friend.”

Randall is currently still designing along with a staff of 7 other designers and one currently in training for a designer role. Randall has always enjoyed solving problems and he mentioned that “the constant change in this industry and daily challenges of design provide plenty of opportunities for solving problems”. So, it is a win-win position for him!

Stephen Cain, General Manager of Load Star, spoke on Randall’s commitment to his job and Load Star as a whole saying, “Randall is a key employee that keeps Load Star running behind the scenes and is very deserving of recognition. He is a dedicated employee that spends countless hours designing and running our Design department.”

Randall’s problem-solving mindset runs in the family, being a proud father of three children with his oldest being a PhD candidate at Stanford and his middle daughter finishing her second year at Emory School of Law, both of which have been recipients of the HLC Family Foundation scholarship. His youngest has also just completed his ninth grade year with great aspirations as well.

We appreciate all that you have done and put into your role, Randall, and we look forward to watching your continued success in the future!

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