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Harbin Lumber Installed Services Team has grown exponentially over the last few years. Each member on the installation team brings years of experience and knowledge to their craft and that is certainly true for Chris Lewis, one of our Lavonia Lumberyard’s Installed Team members.

Chris has been with HLC since 2016 but has worked in carpentry for many years before then doing wiring, plumbing, and even framing. His role with the Installation team is more specialized now focusing on product installation such as garage doors, wire shelving, cabinets, and so much more. No two projects are the same and Chris says that his favorite part of the job is meeting homeowners and providing them with quality work.

Wes Hubbard, Installed Specialist of HLC Lavonia, noted that Chris is extremely knowledgeable about the building industry and during the installation process, Chris gets it done right, even if it means spending a little more time on it.  “Chris is not only a great installer but the way he interacts with the customer is unparalleled.  He has a highly effective way of communicating to any customer about our products and meeting their expectations”. Wes complimented Chris’ work ethic adding that “he takes a lot of pride in his work and it shows.  We have gotten numerous calls from customers regarding Chris, that he did an excellent job and represents the company well!”

Not only does Chris have great passion in his installation position, but he also strives to help in any way he can around the HLC Lavonia lumberyard. Todd Irvin, General Manager of HLC Lavonia, recognizes Chris’ achievements adding, “Chris is one of our anchors in our Install division.  His many years’ experience and the great attitude he has makes everyone around him better. He gets asked to do many tasks not directly associated with his job and never fails to complete them”.

To see an employee genuinely thrive in the environment they are is something that Harbin Lumber always strives for and it is evident that Chris does just that. Though he works hard throughout the week, you can always find him enjoying lake living with his family whenever he can.

We appreciate the great work you have put into your daily tasks since you have been a part of the Lavonia Install Division. We look forward to seeing you accomplish more of your goals in the future, Chris!

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