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In today’s world, we are surrounded by logistics operations. Most everything that is not locally made or grown is shipped, mailed, or delivered. Logistics stems all the way back to the 13th century when Marco Polo traveled from Europe to China. He recorded his travels on the Silk Road and his experience trading with merchants along the way. Closer to home the first semi-truck known as the “horseless carriage” was a start to a new way that goods would be moved across the country in the late 1800s. Eventually, this created the innovation of the first cargo flight increasing the speed of deliveries in the early 1900s. Logistics has proven to come a long way since its origin, and it is surely present in the everyday operations of Harbin Lumber Company. Because of the impact it has on our operations, we recognize National Logistics Day!

In the last year, Harbin trucks traveled 1,910,116 miles, using 305,237 gallons of fuel at 5,984 fill-ups. Our drivers are to thank for those deliveries and miles driven as well as the multiple logistics teams at our locations. These teams consist of warehouse and yard employees and our shipping managers that aid in the management of the entire operation. Harbin Lumber’s Reload Division is also on the forefront of our logistics operations. The division receives railroad cars full of supplies used to restock inventory. This allows for products to be allocated to each lumberyard more quickly and efficiently.

We would like to recognize and thank our logistics teams during National Logistics Day at each of our locations.  The last year has brought unforeseen obstacles but it wasn’t anything our teams couldn’t handle. Each of your talents and great work ethics do not go unnoticed. We appreciate everyone on the HLC logistics teams along with the millions of people working in the industry today!

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