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Harbin Lumber Central Office Team

There are thousands of construction and building material businesses around the country. Constructing new homes and selling the materials to create those homes is probably the process that comes to mind when you think of the building industry. But what about the behind-the-scenes operations that is not shown often, like employees with titles including credit manager, accounts payable, and marketing coordinator? Though these positions are not directly involved with the physical labor that it takes to build homes, they are extremely important to the overall operation that is construction! Meet the ladies of Harbin Lumber Company’s Central Office – Kelly, Terry, Linda, and Casey.

Each of these women are a part of the backbone is that Harbin Lumber. Kelly Roper and Linda Lewis make up the Credit Department and work directly with customers building long lasting relationships over time. Kelly joined HLC in 2017 and Linda began her time in 2008. Their combined expertise with all things credit has allowed them to master a good balance between the constant changes of the building industry and customers’ needs.

Terry Smith represents Accounts Payable and there is not anything she can’t handle! Terry is consistent on all fronts but has also built strong relationships with external vendors and with employees throughout the company. Lastly, Casey Basham handles all things marketing and advertising. Though she is fairly new to the construction and building materials industry, she is eager to learn and always looking for ways to promote Harbin Lumber as well as support the communities in which each location resides in.

This group of ladies are knowledgeable in what it takes to work efficiently and effectively in the construction industry and though they are busy maintaining their specific tasks, they all say that seeing the end result of a homeowner’s dream house is one of the best parts of this industry. It is rewarding to them to know they have a small hand in exceeding customers’ expectations for their building projects.

Not only are we recognizing the women of Harbin Lumber Company, but we would like to commemorate every woman that plays a role in the construction and building materials industry. Each woman in the industry has paved their own way through with talent and discipline. Everyone at Harbin Lumber extends a round of applause to all the women making an impact in construction today and every day to come!