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Athens, Georgia has become a mecca for building and construction as well as restoring historic homes and buildings. With the complexity of the building projects in and around Athens, there must be knowledgeable individuals to make things run smoothly. That is exactly found in these three – the women of Harbin Lumber in Athens!

Brenda Parr, Magda Restrepo, and Debbie Miozza are the distinguished women who are vital to the operations of their store. Each of them shows their skills and work ethic day in and day out. Magda, who has been with Harbin Lumber for 4 years, holds the title of Receiving Manager and works directly with vendors that supply products to them. She is dedicated to ensuring the materials needed arrive in a timely manner.

Debbie is a Millwork Specialist, working with special orders for windows and doors for customers. She has worked in the lumber industry for over 35 years and has been a part of Harbin Lumber for almost 5 of those! Lastly but certainly not least, Brenda is currently a part of the Inside Sales team but has covered many other different responsibilities within the office over her tenure of almost 25 years!

Athens, Georgia

The amount of knowledge these three women possess proves that they are capable of accomplishing everything they are tasked with. Their co-workers applaud them for being proactive and committed to their roles. Each of them has proved that women can have an impact on the lumber and construction industries. We are proud of what you have achieved and what you will achieve in your future with Harbin Lumber Company!