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Harbin Lumber, Eatonton GA

The ladies of Harbin Lumber in Eatonton, GA fully exemplify great work ethic but can also put a smile on your face each day! Each of these ladies play important roles in sales and management and provide great support to other employees when it is needed. Julie Fields, Sandy Lea, and Debbie Powell all are a part of the Inside Sales team while Keeley Goins is the Assistant Manager and aids in the Inside Sales operations.

Another vital part of the Eatonton Harbin Lumber is George Harding, who is a part of the Outside Sales team focusing on kitchen and bath design. George started her time with Harbin Lumber in 2019 but has been designing since she graduated design school in 1989. George describes her favorite part of working in this industry is being a part of making a customer’s new house a home. She explained that no day is ever the same and even being in the industry for more than 30 years she is constantly learning something new every week.

All the ladies thoroughly enjoy Interacting with all the different customers including homeowners, builders, and contractors. Each of them has gained great knowledge about the products we supply, and they continue to learn new details about those products often! The advice they would give to any woman looking to gain experience in this industry would be to try it out and see what their strengths are. There are so many different areas and jobs, making it challenging but fun. It takes a team to see it through, from the drawings all the way to the painters, and interacting with people on different teams throughout the process is a great way to get to know others.

Each of the ladies of our Eatonton location have special talents and attributes they bring to the table. It is evident that they genuinely want the store to succeed but they also truly care about their customers’ successes as well. These women are true examples of great leaders and teammates and we applaud them for how far they have come in this industry!