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February STAR Employee

Randall Winburn Aka. Stinky

Load Star 2nd Shift Supervisor


“All In” comes to mind when thinking of this Load Star employee and the 2023 February STAR nominee, Randall Winburn. Randall (nicknamed Stinky by his fellow co-workers), will be celebrating 23 years with Harbin Lumber Company coming up on September 18th of this year. Starting straight out of high school, his career has grown tremendously over his tenure here. 

At Load Star he began working for the wall plant production. Producing component assembly and working in automated framing. He quickly grew with the company and began learning all roles of production. Randall would always fill in where he was needed and helped out in any way he could. With his growth and determination, Randall is now the 2nd shift supervisor for our Load Star team.  Randall says His primary goal is to “produce as many quality trusses as possible within a single shift, while also promoting our safety culture.”

Randall has true leadership qualities, with his uplifting/ positive attitude and ability to work with others, he represents the STAR Harbin qualities that we strive for company wide. Stephen Cain, the general manager of Load Star says, “Stinky is the perfect example of a leader. Always willing to go above and beyond no matter what he is tasked with. I am proud to have him as a member of our leadership team.”


When asked what he liked most about his job, Randall replied without hesitation, “I like feeling like our business makes a difference in someone’s life. To us, it’s just building materials but for our customers it is often the dreams of their future homes coming true.”  Randall acknowledges that the entire production process for building trusses is a team effort! From the initial orders being placed, design completions of the project, ordering of materials, production of products, organizing of orders and shipping out to our customers, this is a TEAM effort! 


“ I have the greatest production and management team that I can imagine. Everyone a part of  the team at Load Star is important and gets the job done. The efficiency of everyone working together makes it possible.” – Randall


At Harbin Lumber company we pride ourselves in our company culture, where everyone is considered  a part of the family. “ I couldn’t imagine working anywhere else. We take care of each other around here, we are family.” – Randall. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time with his family at home as well. Randall is married to his wife Tiffany and together they have 3 sons; Brenden (21), Viktor (19) and Huston (15).

Congratulations Randall on being our STAR employee of the month! Your hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed and we are so thankful to have you as a part of our Harbin Lumber team at Load Star. 

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